Meet the Mazie’s Mission Animals in Treatment

Our amazing followers only usually see the animals in our program when they first arrive and when they go up for adoption.  If you go to our adoption tab to see our animals, most people are surprised to see how few animals we have, but that’s just part of or picture.  Most of the time only one third of the animals in our program are listed for adoption.  There are many more animals behind the scenes.  These are the animals that need your help.  Whether we are looking for a foster, donations, or other have a current fundraiser going for them; it is important that they are not forgotten.  It definitely takes a village to save special needs animals, and in many cases of the animals we save their injuries and illnesses are critical and require care from not just us but specialists too!  Take a look below and learn a little bit about some of the animals currently receiving care in our adoption and S.O.S. program.



Frankie has stolen our hearts and he’s doing the wiggle for almost being ready for adoption! It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on him. Wiggle with him as he gets closer to the finish line!

This boy came into us underweight, had hair loss, tumor on his head, dental disease and in need of a cleaning, an unknown disease/health issue, heartworms and an injured leg that showed old “shrapnel” in his leg and he has bad hips.

His care has been extensive including fatty acid and supplements for his hips, injections for Addison’s, surgery for his tumor, dental work and extractions, heartworm treatment, and more. Just his Addison’s injections alone can cost $100 per month, but he really shows what Mazie’s Mission can do with your help!

Go to and make a donation to help us keep helping dogs like Frank!


Aspen Still Needs You!

11239695_10207483810921988_7722685957446611788_nAspen came to us in February from Dallas Animal Services. She was in danger of being euthanized due to her medical condition, age and time at the shelter. She had manage and it was obvious there was more going on. During Aspen’s time with us she has had FHO Surgery on her hip, special reinforced crate for her anxiety issues, monthly anxiety medication, treatment for her mange, 5 sessions of Physical Therapy, and an emergency visit for bloat. She still needs to go through heartworm treatment when she is healthy enough, have dental cleaning and extractions, and any other medical issues that occur during the next few months.

Her care has totaled more than $2500 so far and we are expecting it to increase around another $1000. We were able to raise $600 of the $3500 needing to be raised for Aspen and her care at the doggie oasis dog was for Aspen! Check out the details here. To make a donation to Aspen’s care go to our Donation page and make sure to put Aspen’s name in the comment section! 



When we picked Ariel up over Easter weekend after she went through surgery on her spine due to a gun shot wound. She had no movement or feeling in her back legs or tail. She also didn’t have the ability to control her elimination.  Once she was in our care, it was discovered that she had a mass on her spleen and needed an emergency splenectomy. Fourteen weeks later, she can stand for short periods of time, wag her tail, pull herself up to a stand for a few seconds and is having fewer accidents in the house. She appears to be house trained, b/c she will periodically go to the door to let me know she needs out. At this point, Ariel stays dry overnight more often than not. She has had 6 PT appointments and 5 acupuncture appointments. We are continuing with weekly acupuncture appointments and working on PT at home in the pool. She is an extremely happy girl, likes to “talk” a lot and enjoys a good cuddle session! She gets along well with our 4 dogs, our 2 boys (ages 8 & 10) and adores my husband. She continues to improve each week so our hopes are still strong she will walk again.  You can help Ariel on her journey by making a donation to ! Make sure to note it’s for Ariel!