Adopting An Animal At Mazie’s Mission

CajunEditOpting to adopt is the best way to add a new furry family member. Mazie’s Mission has animals available for adoption, and animals in foster homes receiving medical care so that they can begin their adoption journey too.

Take a look at our available animals for adoption. If you find one you are interested in follow these steps, or come out and meet our animals at one of our many adoption events.

Adoption Process Basics

This list is high-level and not inclusive of all the requirements.

  • Complete Application

    Complete the Adoption Application and wait for the application to be reviewed.

  • Basic Applicant Requirements

    Applicant must be the person who will care for the animal and be over 21 years of age.

  • Home Visit

    Home Visit will be completed for every animal prior to adoption.

  • Adoption Donation

    Minimum Adoption Donation $200, Includes: Spay/Neuter, Vet Exam, Fecal and Heartworm Test, Medical Conditions Treated prior to adoption, Up-To-Date Vaccinations, and Microchip

  • Adoption Contract

    Completed Adoption Contract agreeing to the the terms listed, such as; ability to care for the animal, provide needed food and water, and additional details to be defined in the contract.