Sunday’s Heartworm Treatment Begins!

sunday for web  (1)Do you remember Sunday and “The Luck of The Irish Pups?  Of course you do, how could you forget her story and their adorable faces.  Sunday made it through taking care of her litter of 8 and most have found their forever homes.  Now that her foster home is quite, she is ready to begin her heartworm treatment.

Here’s an update and reminder from her foster. “We got an update that Sunday has had her injection and she did not like it, but she is relaxing with her squirrel now. We will miss her so much tonight and we look forward to picking her up and bringing her home to heal tomorrow. The entire heartworm removal process is extremely painful for dogs as the worms die they break off and are shed through their bloodstream. The injections can cause pain during and after in their back legs and lower back ( injection site). I can not stress enough to people to put your dog on heartworm preventative and KEEP them on it. It costs less than one trip to Starbucks a month…. $60 a year can save you hundreds in treatment and your dog’s life… not to mention the pain they endure during the infestation and treatment. Even if your dog is an ” inside” dog they can get heartworms. Do not gamble with something you love so very much.”

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