Our Partners


Mazie’s Mission is proud to be a partner with Best Friends Animal Society. For those of you not familiar with Best Friends, it is the largest animal welfare organization in the nation, spanning over 3,300 acres in Kanab, Utah. It is home to over 600 animals at a time ranging from dogs, cats, birds, livestock, and horses. There are also several dozen pot-bellied pigs that live on the property! Most of the Pit Bulls from the Michael Vick seizure have been rehabilitated on the property and some have found great homes. Best Friends is a wonderful facility and is featured on National Geographic in a series called Dogtown. Their yearly budget topped $40 million last year so they must be doing something right!

Dr. Shults and members of her Board visited Best Friends in March 2010. They learned many important details and are using Best Friends as a foundation and vision for Mazie’s Mission.

What does it mean to participate in the Network Charities Program? Best Friends allows us to have a page on their website and they help us raise funds for our organization. Mazie’s Mission also had to go through a screening process which proves that we are a legitimate non-profit animal rescue organization. Out of over 6,000 animal shelters/rescues in the nation, only 116 are currently participating in this program.

Please visit www.bestfriends.org if you are interested in seeing the vision that Dr. Shults and her Board of Directors has for The Mission. The dream can only come true here in Texas with help from you!

Bruce Foster, President; Meghan Shults, daughter of Dr. Shults; Dr. Shults; Dr. Mike from Dogtown; Jessica Abbott, Executive Director

Best Friends, Faith Maloney, and the trainers of Dogtown