Helping Us, Helps Them!

The animals need us to step up and help them in any way that we can.  There are several ways to help Mazie’s Mission.  You can foster, volunteer, and even donate! We are always in need of donations and there are several ways you can donate.Items, monetary donations or participating with one of our partners!   To learn all the ways you can make a donation click here (coming soon).  Keep scrolling down to learn more about volunteering and fostering.


Donations help keep us going, and help animals like Rigby (above) receive the best care.  You can make a one time monetary donation, recurring monthly donation, donate an item from our wish list, or participate in one of our partner programs like Petfinder Sponsor or Bissell. Learn more about how to donate by clicking here.


We love our fosters, and couldn’t do what we do without them.  Fostering is an important part of our organization and we always need more fosters.  Whether you want to foster puppies, injured or ill animals, are a new foster, or you are a veteran foster, we want you! We can match up your foster skills to the perfect animal for you. Complete you Foster Application today and join the team! Learn more about fostering by clicking here.


Volunteers make the world go round especially here at Mazie’s Mission! There isn’t a step along the way that our volunteers are not helping make something happen.  Today is the day that you decide to give back so do not waste any time! You can learn more about Volunteer Opportunities by clicking here.