Fostering, why does it take so long for you to save an animal?

Fostering is key to our success at Mazie’s Mission and the last two weeks have not been the exception.  We have been in high gear trying to save as many animals as possible.  It’s always a tricky formula to be successful when we are notified of an animal in need.  The biggest piece of the puzzle is finding a foster who is available and can take the animal immediately.  If we do not have a foster readily available in our program it can slow down the process of saving the animal.  We have to do an emergency post on our Facebook Page that we need a foster for the specific animal in need and that’s where it begins.  We receive applications that do not always meet the needs of the animals that we rescue.  Sometimes people complete applications that are out of area and even out of state.  We have to sort through the applications to look for the match that will work for the animal in need, verify the information at their vet office, and set up a home visit.  Plus, we need to screen the rest of their application.  This definitely doesn’t happen with just a snap of a finger.  We are competing against a deadline at the shelter and people have family and work schedules to work around. Many times once we talk to the vet and we reach out to the person to set up a home visit, they already have changed their mind about fostering and we are back to square one again.  This is why until we have the animal out of the shelter we tell people to keep submitting their applications.  You never know what might happen along the foster application process and we might still need you.

Sometimes you may even see where people post that they filled out a foster application or that they want to foster.  We may or may not receive an application from that person.  They could have changed their mind as they were completing the application or even before they started and they let their heart speak before they thought about the responsibilities.  This does not make someone  a bad person.  Rescue is highly emotional and we can understand when someone’s heart strings are pulled because of an animal in need.  Just remember to keep sharing, networking and looking for a foster until we tell you to stop!

The best case scenario is to have fosters ready when the special needs rescue request comes through.  That means we need people to complete foster applications and commit to fostering before we have an animal for them to foster.  Basically, we need them to go through the process and then patiently wait for us to find the animal to match their needs.  We need all types of fosters.  Temporary fosters for when people go on vacation.  Fosters for our Hope’s Door partnership for 30 to 90 days.  S.O.S. program fosters for around 2 to 6 weeks to help us save those animals at our partner shelters who need medical treatment before they go up for adoption, and we are always on the look out for medical fosters for all different types of medical conditions.  If it’s your first time fostering, don’t worry we will work with you on what you think you can handle! There are several different types of medical fosters that need foster homes from beginner to advanced, and we are always looking for foster homes for all of them. If you are interested in fostering take a look at our Foster Application and fill it out.  We will get back to you and set up a home visit!

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to foster the past few weeks and who foster for us on a regular basis.  Just take a look at some of the new Mazie’s Mission animals that were able to be saved the past two weeks because we had new and existing fosters step up when they were needed!

Meet Our New Mazie’s Mission Animals! To help with their care click here to donate!

FrankieFrankie is a Heartworm Positive senior boy who is need of some TLC. We also found 3 bullets lodged in his skin that will need to be removed









DudleyDudley is a sweet boy we just rescued from Corsicana, TX. He has an injured front paw.  Right now we think he may just need a little TLC, but we will have to re-evaluate him in the next few weeks









CricketThis is Cricket! Isn’t she adorable? This little lady has a pretty bad case of mange, but it doesn’t make her any less adorable.









Last but not least we were able to take in a Hope’s Door dog.  We love our partnership with Hope’s Door and we always want to be there when they need us.  We definitely need a list of fosters willing to foster for 30 to 90 days on hand for just in case! The more fosters we have on our foster list, the more animals we are able to help.  If you would like to go through our foster process just go to our Foster Application and complete the application right now.

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