F.A.Q. about Fostering with Mazie’s Mission

Q.  What types of animals does Mazie’s Mission take in?
A.  Mazie’s Mission accepts dogs and cats from area kill-shelters and other special needs circumstances. These animals may need extensive veterinary attention or they may simply need socialization, love and care. It is important that potential fosters communicate their levels of comfort dealing with animals that are in recovery and may need medication administered daily.

Q.  Who provides the veterinary care for Mazie’s Mission animals?
A.  Dr. Erin Shults, DVM and CEO of Mazie’s Mission provides all necessary care for our animals with the help of many area veterinary medicine professionals. The cost for this care is covered by Mazie’s Mission and is not the responsibility of the foster.

Q.  How long do animals stay with Mazie’s Mission?
A.  Typically, animals stay with Mazie’s Mission while they heal, and are ready for their forever homes after a few weeks. Most are considered short-term fosters, meaning less than 2 months. Occasionally, pets have a longer recovery or may be more difficult to place and may stay anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Q. Isn’t it difficult to let these animals go after welcoming them into your home?
A.  While some animals will always hold a special place in our hearts, it is extremely important to remember that forevery dog or cat we place into a loving forever family, we are able to rescue another! We never tire from receiving updates and happy pictures of former foster pets loving their new homes. It is a beautiful reminder that we are literally saving lives.

Q.  How do I become a foster parent to dog or cat in need?
A.  Simply ask any one of our volunteers for a foster application or fill out or foster form.

Q.  I filled out an application.  What happens next?
A.  A representative from Mazie’s Mission will contact you as soon as possible to ask for any additionally needed information and to set up a home visit. Following successful completion of your home visit, an animal will be placed in your home as soon as we have an appropriate match!

Q.  What are my responsibilities as a foster?
A.  First and foremost, you are responsible for providing a loving home to your new foster pet. It is our expectation that you will address the special needs of the animal in your home and provide him or her with opportunities for socialization and growth. Mazie’s Mission will provide all essentials such as food, a crate or bed as needed and any medications.

Additionally, you will need to transport animals to our adoption events so that they have every opportunity to find their forever homes. If transportation is an issue or if a conflict arises, please let us know immediately so that arrangements can be made.