Contact Us


Postal correspondence can be sent to:

Mazie’s Mission
307 Main St
Suite 135
Frisco, Texas 75034

Fax: 1-800-607-2901
Clinic Phone: 214-436-4591

We hope everyone finds the following e-mail directory useful:
- to inquire about donating goods, services and money, coordinate delivery, etc.
- for all things Public Relations, Marketing and Press related
- to inquire about upcoming events, and coordinate details of an event.
- to inquire about getting into fostering rescued animals
- to inquire about volunteer opportunities
- to report technical problems with any of Mazie’s Mission internet presences
- for foster families to request support and coordinate actions related to fostering.
- for existing volunteers to report their availability and activities at events or other tasks.
- for follow up on veterinary care received at the clinic.

Or contact Dr Erin Shults, Founder & CEO