The Contests!

Check out our contests below! Same day registration will be available up to an hour prior to the event or register online now, click here to register!

Dog Superhero Costume Contest times will be announced soon!

Dog Special Olympics & Contests times will be announced soon!

  • Wheelchair Run – Wheelchaired animals will race to the finish line with their handler.  All animals must remain leashed during this event.
  • 3 Legged Run – Three legs (and even two) race to the finish line with their handler.  All animals must remain leaded during this event.
  • Derp Off – Dog with the funniest face, whether your pet has a look that puts a smile on your face naturally or on command, this is the contest for you.
  • Kiss Off – Heartworm survivors battle it out during a kiss off! The best kisser (length and enthusiasm of “kisses”) will win their way to our hearts during this competition.
  • Twerk Off – Does your pup like to “shake it like a polaroid picture”, does their “wiggle bring all the pups to the yard”? This tail wagging, puppy wiggling competition is the one for them! This is open to any dog who has the best wiggle and tail wag out there.
  • Superdog Showdown – This will be our main event.  Are these other competitions not quite up to the challenge that your pup is ready to offer? We want to see your biggest and best tricks.  This is an all inclusive Superdog Trick Showdown.  You and your pup need to bring you biggest and best trick to the table and be ready to perform.